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Foot Levelers-Custom Orthotic Insoles

Can Custom Orthotic Insoles Alleviate Pain?

It all starts with the feet. Your feet are like a foundation. If they are unsupported and cause pain the rest of you body is going to try to compensate.


Feet: The Foundation of Your Spinal Health


Are orthotic insoles the same as over the counter insoles ?

No, orthotic insoles require a doctors prescription and are custom made to fit your foots three arches. Dr. Brad or Dr. Brock will do the foot exam and use 3D scans or casts to build your custom insole.

The insoles you would buy at a store are just cushions for your feet. They don’t actually correct any medical conditions. They can certainly help if your wearing cheaper shoes and just need a little extra cushion.


foot levelers 3 arch advantage montevideo

Photo from Foot Leveler

How do you know if you need orthotic insoles?

If your someone that has discomfort or experience sharp pains in your feet while walking or standing custom insoles could help. The not so obvious symptoms could be sore knees, shin splints, pain in your lower back. All these issues start with your feet.

Moseng Chiropractic can do a complete examination of your feet or full body and best determine what custom orthotic would be best.

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